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Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 3
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Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 1
Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 2
Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 3
Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 4
Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 5
Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 6
Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 7
Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand 8

Reactive Power Compensator FGI Brand

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Company Advantages

· FGI reactive power compensator represents the finest workmanship in the market as it is manufactured using the leading technology.

· The product delivers the flawless function and operation.

· The product, available at such a competitive price, is widely used in the market.

The FD5000 series 4.16kV Medium Voltage Drive, developed by FGI, represents a cutting-edge solution in power control technology tailored specifically for industrial applications. FGI, with its extensive experience spanning over 50 years, has engineered this series to meet the demanding needs of modern industries, offering exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency.

At its core, the FD5000 series embodies FGI's commitment to excellence in power electronics. It is designed to efficiently manage medium voltage power systems, providing precise control over motors and other electrical loads in industrial settings. This series caters to a wide range of applications across diverse sectors, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

Key Features:

High Efficiency: The FD5000 series is engineered with advanced power electronics and control algorithms to maximize efficiency. By minimizing energy losses during operation, these drives contribute to significant energy savings and reduced operating costs.

Robust Stability: FGI prioritizes reliability in its products. The FD5000 series is built to withstand challenging environmental conditions commonly encountered in industrial environments, ensuring continuous and stable operation without compromising performance.

Exceptional Reliability: With a focus on quality and durability, FGI incorporates high-quality components and rigorous testing processes into the manufacturing of the FD5000 series. This ensures long-term reliability and minimal downtime for industrial operations.

Versatile Functionality: The FD5000 series offers extensive functionality and customization options to suit varying industrial requirements. From adjustable motor control parameters to integrated safety features, these drives can adapt to a wide range of applications.


The FD5000 series finds widespread application in key industrial sectors:

Oil and Gas: In oil refineries and drilling operations, these drives control pumps, compressors, and other essential equipment, optimizing energy usage and enhancing operational efficiency.

Chemical Industry: In chemical processing plants, the FD5000 series drives facilitate precise control over chemical reactions, improving process efficiency and ensuring product quality.

Water Management: Municipal water treatment facilities and pumping stations utilize these drives to optimize water flow and pressure, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

Metals and Mining: From conveyor systems to crushers and mills, the FD5000 series provides reliable control over heavy-duty machinery in mining and metal processing applications.

Infrastructure: The drives are also employed in large-scale infrastructure projects such as HVAC systems in commercial buildings, optimizing energy usage and ensuring comfort and efficiency.

In summary, the FD5000 series 4.16kV Medium Voltage Drive from FGI represents a state-of-the-art solution for industrial power control. With its emphasis on efficiency, reliability, and versatility, this series is poised to enhance the performance and sustainability of industrial operations across various sectors. Its innovative design and robust features make it a preferred choice for industries seeking advanced power management solutions.

Product Description

FD5000 series is double sides operation, its front & back doors

can be opened for operation, and it’s suitable for spacious

installation place.

4.16kV has 4 power cells for one phase, totally 12 cells for three phase.

FD5000 series MVD has better adaptability to voltage fluctuations,

and automatic recover when the main power supply has instantaneous power

outage, sudden drop, or power grid switching.


Product advantages

● Synchronous switching (optional function): Realize smooth switching from MVD to the power grid or from the power grid to MVD.

Comprehensive protection functions: Perfect protection functions to ensure system to be safe and reliable

Anti-interference design: The entire cabinet adopts anti-interference design, better EMC performance.

Multiple control modes: V/f, Vector control.    Local, Remote control, Modbus, Profibus

Product Display

Modularized design 

————— + —————

Easy installation

Easy maintenance

High reliability

Customized design


Two kinds of cooling system

————— + —————

Force air cooling

Water cycling cooling


Two sides maintenance

————— + —————

Front & back doors can be opened for operation

Suitable for spacious installation space


Product Applications


About FGI

As the core manufacturer of industrial automation products in China, FGI has established itself as a trusted manufacturer in the market. With over 900 dedicated professional staffs and a self-owned industrial park spanning 170,000m², we proudly became a public listed company in 2021, further solidifying our commitment to excellence. 

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Can you provide OEM/ODM service?
Yes, both OEM and ODM are acceptable.
What’s your MOQ?
MOQ 1 is acceptable. And you can get better price for large quantity.
Is there R&D team to provide technical guidance?
Yes, of course, we have specialized R&D team to provide professional technical guidance.
May I visit your factory?
Yes, most welcome, we sincerely invite every customer to visit our factory.
How about your after-sale service?
Our technical support team will provide you the ontime and professional service if you have any problems.

Company Features

· FGI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has a wealth of experience in producing reactive power compensator and is committed to providing the highest quality products.

· We have a group of talented employees. They can help create the perfect design and incorporate the customer's brand into the visual beauty of the product. We specialize in long term relationships that allow customers to be the most productive and successful organization they can be. Till now, there are a number of notable companies that we have had and continue to have a productive relationship with.

· Innovation is the soul of FGI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. and the eternal motive force of our career development. Call now!

Product Details

FGI pays great attention to details. And the details of reactive power compensator are as follows.

Application of the Product

FGI's reactive power compensator has a wide range of applications.

Guided by the actual needs of customers, FGI provides comprehensive, perfect and quality solutions based on the benefit of customers.

Product Comparison

The reactive power compensator produced by FGI has better quality, as shown below.

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