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Application of FGI FD300 frequency converter in the cutting machine


1. Overview:

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of the degree of industrialization, the industrial control system has gradually put forward higher requirements for automation control, from the previous electrification control system to the current automation, intelligent and remote control system, control requirements gradually improve. As an important process equipment of printing and packaging machinery, the cutting machine plays a very important role in the whole production process. Meanwhile, the cutting machine plays a key role in the quality and cutting control of printing press products.

Application of FGI FD300 frequency converter in the cutting machine 1

2.Implementation plans:

Cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that divides wide paper, mica tape or film into multiple narrow materials. It is commonly used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. The cutting machine is mainly used in: non-woven fabric, mica belt, paper, insulating materials and various film materials, especially suitable for narrow band (non-woven cloth, paper, insulating materials, mica belt, film, etc.).


Pneumatic or magnetic powder reel, to release a certain braking torque;

Main engine

Adopt FVC control mode, for the material pull and drive;

Knife cutting

Cut the driven material through the cutting tool installed on the cutting machine;

A/B rolling

Using FVC control mode, the cut film products are rolled up;

Splitter machine control system

PLC linkage control and frequency converter perfectly fit, to achieve the constant line speed (constant tension) operation of the whole set of equipment;

A FGI FD300 frequency inverter is set by the customer to meet the requirements of each process section.

  Application of FGI FD300 frequency converter in the cutting machine 2

3Application advantage

High stability accuracy

Excellent closed-loop vector (FVC) control performance, high stability accuracy;

Quick response

Fast torque response (<5MS), greatly reduce the tension change time (the reel can respond quickly after the given torque);

High accuracy and coherence

High torque linearity (repetition accuracy 1%) to ensure the accuracy and consistency of equipment curling;

Commissioning and maintenance are quick and simple

Optional Chinese and English LCD LCD intelligent keyboard, friendly man-machine interface, debugging, maintenance fast and simple.

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