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Application of FD300 frequency inverter in steel rolling process


1. Overview:

When we often use pressure processing steel, rolling steel can change the shape of rotating rolls. According to the different treatment methods, steel rolling can be divided into hot rolling, cold rolling, longitudinal rolling, transverse rolling, oblique rolling, periodic rolling, rotary rolling and bending forming, etc. The main uses of these processes are two. One is to process materials such as steel plate, strip steel, wire rod and various section steel to the required shape; the other is to improve the internal quality of steel by changing the form of materials, so as to promote the quality of steel.

2.Implementation plans:

High level steel rolling process is very dependent on precision equipment, especially in high quality steel needs special processing process, therefore, steel rolling process has very demanding requirements on the performance of frequency converter.

As the input of operation process parameters, HMI is a human-computer interaction interface with different parameters to realize different steel rolling requirements by inputting different parameters. PLC acts as the controller for operation control and coordinates the work of each frequency converter. To meet the high-speed responsiveness, the system uses PLC and FGI FD300 frequency inverter for PROFIBUS-DP protocol communication

FD 300 frequency inverter shows the following index in the testing of a cold rolling mill in Shandong: the control precision range of strip tensile torque is <5%, and the stress precision control range of strip steel is <± 0.2%.

3.Application advantage

FD 300 frequency inverter produced by FGI Company in the rolling mill application advantages: 1, rapid response; 2, intelligent; 3, rich configuration; 4, suitable for a variety of industrial networks; 5, enrich the software and hardware interface developed by special aircraft; 6, design template: convenient combination maintenance.

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