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In the first quarter of 2024, the business sectors of FGI focused on the annual target tasks, concentrated their efforts, tackled difficulties, and achieved a "good start" in the first quarter, laying a good foundation for the completion of the annual target tasks. In the second quarter, in the face of difficult tasks and complex situations, the centers and the majority of employees with more ambitious morale, more powerful measures, more efforts, market success.

1.Weifang coastal 300MW/600MWh energy storage power station project

FGI is excellent in quality and efficiency 1

In March, the first phase of Weifang Binhai 300MW/600MWh energy storage power Station project used FGPCS-3.45M/0.69-35O booster integrated machine with a capacity of 100MW/200MWh, fully reflecting FGI's technical strength and market competitiveness in the field of energy storage. By using FGI's booster all-in-one machine, the project is able to store large-scale renewable energy and release it when needed to balance the supply and demand relationship of the grid, improve the reliability and flexibility of the power system, and is of great significance to improve energy utilization efficiency and grid stability.

2.10kV high voltage explosion-proof inverter project of domestic large coal mining group

FGI is excellent in quality and efficiency 2

FGI successfully won the bid for the 10kV high-voltage explosion-proof inverter project of the domestic large coal mining group and won the ten-million-level contract, which represents the establishment of industry benchmark performance of FGI high-voltage explosion-proof inverter, leading the development of the industry and opening a new chapter in the application of high-voltage explosion-proof inverter.

FGI is excellent in quality and efficiency 3

In this project, FGI's high-voltage explosion-proof inverter will be used to drive the belt conveyor in the coal mine. The explosion-proof inverter adopts the control mode of one master and three slaves to achieve permanent magnet direct drive and power balance. After the project is put into operation, it will also become the highest power application case in the 10kV explosion-proof inverter industry. Therefore, this project marks the development trend of coal mine electromechanical to high pressure, high power, long distance, permanent magnet direct drive, and proves that new landscape grasps the market trend and demand, and continues to provide customers with high-quality solutions and services.

3.Rongan County centralized energy storage power station project

In April, FGI provided 21 sets of FGPCS-3.45M/0.69-35O and 10 sets of FGPCS-3.2M/0.69-35O energy storage booster integrated storage units for the Rongan County centralized energy storage power station project, which aims to build a modern centralized energy storage power station to improve the efficiency of clean energy utilization and promote the balance of power supply. And support new energy peak regulation to enhance the reliability and security of the power grid. Products with advanced technology, high-quality materials and parts, first-class technology, strict quality management to win the trust of customers. FGI continues to contribute to "accelerating research and development and innovation of key energy storage technologies, striving to create safe, efficient and convenient energy storage system products and solutions", helping the high-quality development of new energy storage, and promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of energy structure.

FGI is excellent in quality and efficiency 4

Equipment renewal and new quality productivity ,FGI was invited to participate in the 16th petrochemical (safety, environmental protection, energy saving, equipment) enterprises to Shanghai research and exchange meeting
Energy event, about the warm city ,FGI appeared in the 18th Ordos International Coal Fair
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