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Energy event, about the warm city ,FGI appeared in the 18th Ordos International Coal Fair


Recently, FGI Science And Technology Co., Ltd.was invited to participate in the International Coal and Energy Industry Expo held in Ordos. Leading enterprises in the energy industry gathered together and high-level coal scientific and technological achievements were displayed, attracting the attention and participation of many domestic and foreign enterprises.

Energy event, about the warm city ,FGI appeared in the 18th Ordos International Coal Fair 1A series of products independently developed by the company were displayed on the FGI booth, including comprehensive treatment device for long-distance power supply, explosion-proof inverter, explosion-proof SVG, energy storage emergency power supply, high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device, high-performance vector inverter, etc.These products are widely used in the field of coal mining, with the characteristics of advanced control technology, high efficiency and high reliability, attracting many customers and industry professionals to stop and exchange, new scenery staff and visiting customers and partners for in-depth exchanges and negotiations.They introduced the company's technical advantages, research and development capabilities and cooperation cases in detail, and conducted in-depth discussions with customers on potential cooperation opportunities.

Energy event, about the warm city ,FGI appeared in the 18th Ordos International Coal Fair 2At this exhibition, FGI energy storage emergency power supply has been the focus of the coal mining industry.

Energy event, about the warm city ,FGI appeared in the 18th Ordos International Coal Fair 3In a large number of subdivided application scenarios of new energy storage, with more than 30 years of power electronic technology accumulation and a deep understanding of the power supply load in the mining field, FGI has taken the lead in developing a high-voltage reserve energy emergency power supply system in China. First, it mainly solves the problem of ensuring the reliable and continuous operation of primary load or critical load in the case of power loss, which greatly guarantees production safety and personnel life safety.At the same time, the equipment can be charged in the night valley electricity price stage and discharged in the day peak electricity price stage to achieve peak and valley profit, greatly shorten the cost recovery cycle, and at the same time, it can also play the reactive power compensation role at any time to improve the power quality of the grid.The system uses BAMS, which integrates BMS and EMS, and reduces the system cost. Distinguish the anti-island protection and off-grid detection algorithm, accurately identify the state of the power supply system; The equipment operation can ensure the normal operation of the fan, lifting, drainage, conveying and other systems in the mine when the power is interrupted, avoid the accident risk and production halt caused by power failure, provide strong support for the mine accident emergency, and ensure the safety of operators and the continuity of production.

Energy event, about the warm city ,FGI appeared in the 18th Ordos International Coal Fair 4The application of FGI's energy storage emergency power supply system is mature, and its technology has reached the international leading level. It can quickly, stably, continuously and effectively ensure the power supply of key power loads in the case of coal mine power supply grid power failure, avoid personal safety and other accidents caused by coal mine power supply grid failure, and greatly improve the emergency power supply level and disaster resistance ability of coal mine. It has great popularization and application value in the whole country and remarkable economic and social benefits.

FGI will continue to be committed to change and innovation, keep up with market demand and technological development trends, through continuous technology research and development and product innovation, help the intelligent construction of coal industry, accelerate the realization of China's high-level coal science and technology self-reliance, build a strong energy security barrier, better protect the national energy security, and write a new chapter of green, low-carbon and high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation.

FGI is a listed enterprise under the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the world's top 500 Shandong Energy Group, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council has created a world-class professional leading demonstration enterprise, a national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise, and a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise. Provide "less electricity, good use of electricity, renewable electricity, storage electricity, explosion-proof electricity" five series of products, based on power electronics technology, integration of digital technology, thermal management technology, energy management technology, for clean energy, power, industrial and infrastructure fields to provide customers with full value chain, full life cycle solutions and services.

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