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Application of FGI FD5000 High Voltage Frequency Inverter in the Tail Gas Acid Industry



Application of FGI FD5000 High Voltage Frequency Inverter in the Tail Gas Acid Industry 1

Mining and smelting co., LTD., copper smelter, is China's larger state-owned enterprises, due to the national demand for copper smelting tail gas treatment is higher and higher, the company leadership after the comprehensive consideration of various factors, think pure processing exhaust gas, is better, the exhaust gas purification treatment, the SO2 into sulfuric acid, so processing the tail gas, meet the national emissions standards, and derived new products sulfuric acid, can obtain new economic benefits, kill two birds with one stone, is the equipment transformation and exhaust gas treatment.


2. Implementation plans

Application of FGI FD5000 High Voltage Frequency Inverter in the Tail Gas Acid Industry 2

According to the user requirements, there are two systems on site, equipped with two fans and one set of frequency inverter, that is, one frequency inverter drags two motors, using  two modes. According to the site situation and user requirements, FD5000 high voltage and high power frequency inverter produced by FGI is configured for users.

Application of FGI FD5000 High Voltage Frequency Inverter in the Tail Gas Acid Industry 3

3.Application advantage

(1) The smooth start of the system is realized. The equipment is equipped with a new machine. Due to the small configuration of the system power grid, the power frequency is directly started, and the current is about 5-7 times of the rated current, that is, the start moment can reach about 300A, which can not be started when the air door is opened. With frequency conversion to start, the starting current is about half of the rated current (about 28A) can be stable and normal start, so the soft start problem is solved.

(2)Smooth and continuous speed regulation in operation. The frequency of the inverter can be adjusted smoothly according to the process needs, and then the motor speed can be adjusted stepless, so that the SO2 air supply can be adjusted stepless smoothly, reducing the impact on the air gate and the system, and greatly protecting the air duct system from impact damage.

(3) Simplified the operating system, simplified the control procedure, reduced the labor intensity of workers, especially the application of automatic control, improved the degree of automation of the whole system, and realized the unattended frequency inverter.

(4) Significant energy saving.

For the fan \ pump load, the fluid mechanics knows that the flow rate is proportional to the speed, the pipe pressure is proportional to the square of the speed, and the shaft power is proportional to the cubic speed.

Now the system operates at 40Hz, so the power under frequency conversion operation.P change = (40 / 50) 3P worker =0.83P worker =0.51 P worker

Of course, the efficiency of frequency inverter may be reduced, and the overall efficiency is about 80%. Therefore, the actual efficiency of frequency inverter after the application is P1 variable =0.51 / 80% P =0.64 P =64% P.Then the power saving rate is P= (P worker-P1 variable) / P worker =36%.The power saving effect is very obvious, basically achieved the expected energy saving effect.

In short, after the use of frequency inverter, the soft start, smooth operation, energy saving, is an ideal equipment to achieve automatic control, is worth promoting in various fields.

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