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Application of FGI FD5000 High Voltage Frequency Inverter in Copper Mine Mortar Pump



Application of FGI FD5000 High Voltage Frequency Inverter in Copper Mine Mortar Pump  1

A copper mining company faces the challenges of unstable operation, low energy efficiency and difficulty in dealing with fluctuations in production demand. To solve these problems, they chose to introduce the FGI FD5000 series high voltage frequency inverter, hoping to improve the system stability, achieve more precise pump control, and optimize the production efficiency.Hydraulic coupler in the field use process, there are the following problems: first, the motor is difficult to start, due to mortar heavy or mortar precipitation, motor overload protection, sometimes need 3 to 4 times to start; Second, the hydraulic coupling failure rate is high, high maintenance costs; Third, the speed regulating device of the hydraulic coupler is damaged, so the manual speed regulating is very troublesome.

2. Implementation plans

Application of FGI FD5000 High Voltage Frequency Inverter in Copper Mine Mortar Pump  2

The company chose the FGI FD5000 series high voltage frequency inverter,based on its advanced control technology and efficient energy efficiency optimization design.FD5000 series high voltage frequency inverter adopts advanced vector control technology, which can accurately control the operating state of the high-pressure system, maximize the energy efficiency of the system, and reduce energy consumption. Using the intelligent energy consumption management system, the FD5000 series high voltage frequency inverter monitors the heating demand in real time and automatically adjusts the operating parameters of the system to meet the real-time demand in the best way, so as to reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs. The stability and reliability of FD5000 series high voltage frequency inverter ensure the long time stable operation of the high voltage system in extreme climate conditions, reduce the system failure rate, and improve the reliability of the system.

In the problem of handling the hydraulic coupling, considering the high failure rate of the equipment, it is decided to remove the hydraulic coupler and connect the motor forward directly with the pump. The frequency inverter is connected to the original high voltage switch and the motor to be modified, and the frequency inverter is connected to the original DCS system. In order to fully ensure the reliability of the system, the frequency inverter is equipped with power frequency bypass device, and the existing control equipment and operation mode of mortar pump will still be retained. The power frequency / frequency conversion operation switch of the control circuit is selected, and the power / frequency conversion selection is operated by manual switching to realize the operation of mortar pump in power frequency or frequency conversion. The existing DCS system can display the operation data and current state of the frequency inverter, and monitor the operation of the system in real time. In terms of operation, there are two control modes: remote control and local control, which can improve the safety performance of the system. The frequency inverter has built-in PLC, which is used for the logical processing of switching signals in the cabinet, and the coordination with various operation signals and state signals (such as RS-485), and can expand the control switch amount according to the needs of the user, enhancing the flexibility of the system.

3.Application advantage

(1)System stability is improved

The FD5000 series high voltage frequency inverter of control algorithm and stability enhancement function ensure the highly stable operation of the mortar pump system and reduce the system failure rate.

(2)Precision control performance

The introduction of frequency inverter realizes the precise control of the pump operating frequency, adjusts flexibly according to the production demand, and improves the control performance of the pump.

(3)Energy costs are reduced

Using efficient power conversion technology improves the energy efficiency of the system, reduces the energy cost, and realizes economic benefits for enterprises.

(4)Intelligent monitoring and maintenance

The introduction of an intelligent monitoring system enables real-time monitoring and remote maintenance of the pump system, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

(5)Reduced maintenance

After using frequency conversion speed regulation, most of the time, the running speed of the pump is much lower than the rated speed of the pump. Due to the slow start of the pump and the reduction of the speed, the wear of the pump is reduced, and the life of the pump is extended accordingly.

(6)Work intensity is reduced

After the transformation, the constant liquid level control is adopted, and there is no need to adjust the outlet valve. The operation work is changed from manual to automatic and monitoring, which fully realizes the unmanned operation of production, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

(7)The field noise is greatly reduced

Improve the operation environment; facilitate the automatic management of pump unit control system.

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