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Juli Empowers to meet the annual , FGI product solution promotion meeting perfect success!


Recently, the FGI second quarter product promotion meeting was held in Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich Hotel, the meeting focused on the status quo of the new energy industry and put down policy opportunities, the FGI new energy market solution team, focusing on the equipment update and cultivate the industry's new quality productivity and other dimensions, to the South China region industry users and experts, and FGI channel partners, made a full communication and discussion.

Juli Empowers to meet the annual , FGI  product solution promotion meeting perfect success! 1

In the context of global warming, the development of new energy industry has become a key path to achieve the goal of "double carbon". In recent years, with technological progress and cost reduction, the new energy industry represented by FGI storage has ushered in explosive growth. In this process, SVG and energy storage technology as an important support for the stable operation of the power grid and the consumption of new energy, its market demand is also showing a rapid growth trend. As a leader in the field of new energy, FGI has been committed to the research and development and application of SVG and energy storage technology for many years, and has made important contributions to promoting the development of the industry.

Juli Empowers to meet the annual , FGI  product solution promotion meeting perfect success! 2

Qin Xiansheng, deputy general manager of FGI, made a speech at the meeting, briefly expounded the opportunities and challenges facing the new energy industry, and shared the latest research and development achievements of FGI in the field of SVG and energy storage technology. He said that FGI will focus on "building a core competitiveness of energy saving and new energy equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises", constantly improve product quality and service level, to provide customers with better solutions.

Juli Empowers to meet the annual , FGI  product solution promotion meeting perfect success! 3

SVG product manager Li Zongliang made a "FGI SVG product introduction" report at the meeting, FGI SVG products have a number of invention patents and core technology, won the national manufacturing single champion, sales rank in the forefront of the country. With the advantages of high compensation accuracy, fast response speed, stable and reliable operation, it can compensate reactive power in real time, improve the power factor of the power grid, and effectively suppress harmonics and improve power quality. Widely used in wind power, photovoltaic and other new energy fields.FGI SVG products have been widely used in many projects at home and abroad, and have won high recognition from users.

Juli Empowers to meet the annual , FGI  product solution promotion meeting perfect success! 4

Energy storage product manager Shi Guangbao made a "energy storage system Technology Introduction" report at the meeting, in the field of energy storage, with the large-scale access of renewable energy and the rapid development of smart grid, energy storage technology is more and more widely used. FGI adhere to the market demand-oriented, constantly increase research and development investment, launched a number of energy storage products with independent intellectual property rights. These products have the advantages of high safety, long life and high efficiency, and can cope with a variety of complex environments, and maximize the utilization of energy through an efficient energy management system, which saves a lot of costs for users.

Juli Empowers to meet the annual , FGI  product solution promotion meeting perfect success! 5

Technical support Department Gao Qiang introduced the FGI service system at the scene, the FGI has set up 5 service centers and 21 offices in the country, so that the response is 2 hours, 24 hours to the scene, the service radius is less than 200 kilometers, forming a unique "pre-sale - sale - after-sales" full life cycle product service, free diagnosis of electricity for customers in the pre-sale. Provide power saving technical support and power management consulting; In the sale of customized solutions for customers, and constantly improve to meet customer needs; In the after-sales product quality search and tracking, at any time to solve the problem that may occur in the operation process.

Looking to the future, FGI will take this promotion as an opportunity to further strengthen communication and cooperation with all walks of life, and jointly promote the vigorous development of the new energy industry. At the same time, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously improve product quality and service level, provide users with better solutions and services, and help global energy transformation and sustainable development.

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