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Gathered in Tianjin to share the grand event , FGI was invited to attend the 2024 annual General meeting of CLP CO-inverter Branch


Recently, the 2024 annual member conference of the Frequency Inverter Branch of China Electrical Appliances Industry Association and the Frequency converter industry to help Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Development Summit Forum were held in Tianjin. The conference invited leaders of industry authorities, experts in electrical academic and related fields, expert leaders in application fields, and experts from other related industries such as intelligent manufacturing and robotics. The person in charge of our inverter division was invited to attend this conference.

Gathered in Tianjin to share the grand event , FGI was invited to attend the 2024 annual General meeting of CLP CO-inverter Branch 1The annual General meeting mainly reviewed four documents, including the "2023 Work Report and 2024 Work Plan", and the annual investment plan, procurement needs and innovative projects of Tianjin-Hebei iron and steel enterprises were mainly discussed at the Summit Forum on the contribution of the inverter industry to the Industrial development of Tianjin-Hebei.

Xu Changhai, general manager of Inverter Division of our company, accepted the "Opportunities and Challenges of large-scale equipment renewal in the industrial field" special interview, and expressed his opinions on the implementation of large-scale equipment renewal, the contribution that inverter enterprises can make in equipment renewal and green development.

The Action Plan for Promoting large-scale equipment renewal and replacing old consumer goods with new ones puts forward four key tasks: implementing advanced equipment renewal action, implementing digital transformation action, implementing green equipment promotion action, and implementing essential safety level improvement action.Among them, it is clear that for the industry whose production equipment is overall at a low and medium level, it will accelerate the elimination of backward and inefficient equipment and extend the service of old equipment.In this regard, Mr. Xu said that the introduction of the scale equipment update policy will bring development opportunities and challenges for the frequency inverter industry, in the face of large-scale equipment update brought about by market demand growth, technological innovation demand, market competition and other changes, FGI will pay close attention to market dynamics and policy changes, strengthen technology research and development and market expansion, improve service level and competitiveness, To meet the challenges of market changes.Inverter companies can play an important role in different application areas, contributing to the development of different industries and enterprises by improving energy conservation, optimizing equipment performance, promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, providing customized solutions, and promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading.As a frequency inverter R & D and production enterprise, FGI hopes that relevant departments and organizations can further strengthen policy guidance and support, optimize the market environment, promote the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, strengthen talent training, encourage international cooperation and exchange, and jointly promote the prosperity and progress of the frequency converter industry.

Gathered in Tianjin to share the grand event , FGI was invited to attend the 2024 annual General meeting of CLP CO-inverter Branch 2In this meeting,FGI and various industry leaders and colleagues jointly discussed the future development direction of the inverter industry, and shared their experience and results. Through the exchange and learning of this meeting, FGI will actively respond to national policies, keep up with market trends, constantly improve product performance and quality, and provide customers with more high-quality inverter products and solutions. In the future development process, FGI Science And Technology Co., Ltd.is looking forward to joining hands with more partners to jointly promote the development of China's inverter industry to make greater contributions.

Juli Empowers to meet the annual , FGI product solution promotion meeting perfect success!
Equipment renewal and new quality productivity ,FGI was invited to participate in the 16th petrochemical (safety, environmental protection, energy saving, equipment) enterprises to Shanghai research and exchange meeting
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