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FGI "love customers, sunshine service" into Hanye special steel


Recently,FGI carried out the second quarter of the "love customers, sunshine service" 10,000 miles activities, the sunshine service into the Central Plains of Henan, came to Nanyang Hanye special steel, the use of our high voltage frequency inverter and high voltage SVG investigation and return visit, carry out technical exchanges and cooperation negotiations for customers efficient production escort.

Nanyang Hanye Special Steel Co., Ltd. is a special steel production joint enterprise integrating sintering, pelletizing, iron making, oxygen making, steel making, continuous casting, die casting, steel rolling and heat treatment. It is a key special steel enterprise in Henan Province.

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FGI steel industry solution team by R & D, pre-sales, after-sales, sales and other fields of representatives, in the technical exchange meeting, the two sides on the use of equipment, maintenance, accident handling, emergency spare parts, after-sales service and other aspects of the in-depth technical exchanges and discussions, FGI  in-depth listened to the Hanye special steel leaders and electrical responsible person needs, The operation and maintenance precautions of high voltage frequency inverter and SVG products are explained in detail and experience is shared with customers.

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After the meeting, the FGI service team conducted a comprehensive inspection of the FGI equipment used inside Hanye Special Steel Group, conducted an in-depth investigation on the operation health of the equipment and the hidden dangers of use, and provided a strong guarantee for the production and operation of Hanye Special Steel Group.

The two sides indicated that they will further consolidate and develop the existing good foundation for cooperation, promote the steel industry to focus on the key work of green and low-carbon, intelligent manufacturing, centralized clustering, and supply security, focus on cultivating and developing new quality steel productivity, and promote the high-quality development of the industry with new quality productivity.

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FGI"love customers, sunshine service" activities have been carried out for many years, has been highly recognized and supported by the majority of customers and friends, from the production assembly, quality control inspection, on-site installation and commissioning, maintenance and maintenance to establish a special file management, the "do product comprehensive service" is the FGI service code of conduct. We will continue to uphold the "service everywhere, customer first" service concept, to provide customers with quality service.

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