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Application of FGI FD100 series frequency inverter in plastic extruder



The principle of plastic extruder is that solid plastic is melted and plasticized under the condition of heating and screw rotation of extruder, and makes continuous plastic products with the same section and the specific shape of the mouth mold. In the past, the transmission of extruder is mostly used DC transmission or electromagnetic speed control, the former maintenance is complicated and the cost is huge, affecting the efficiency of equipment, the latter speed regulation accuracy is low, the product grade is low, which has affected the development of extruder to a large extent.

Due to ac frequency inverter technology in our country in recent years, the development by leaps and bounds, and frequency inverter regulation in frequency range, dynamic response, speed accuracy, low frequency torque, differential compensation, communication function, intelligent control, power factors, work efficiency and convenient use is incomparable, so favored by the extruder manufacturing enterprises, in the new extrusion machinery, especially the plastic machinery adopts the high performance frequency inverter, at the same time the original old extruder equipment will also enter a new round of transformation.

Application of FGI FD100 series frequency inverter in plastic extruder 1

2.Implementation plans

The structure of the screw extruder is shown in the following figure. After being fed from the funnel, the plastic particle material is heated and plasticized, and pushed to the exit of the extruder through the screw rotation, and the final product shape is determined by the foundation mold head. The typical screw speed of the extruder with common single screw is about 100 r/min, while the typical screw speed of the double screw extruder for mixing is 200 r/min ~ 500 r/min, and the speed of the low speed double screw extruder for profile extrusion is usually 10 r/min ~ 40 r/min.


Use FGI FD100 series frequency inverter 55KW for field drive. The main control part adopts the analog quantity input speed control, and the external control button starts. FGI FD100 series frequency inverter has the following unique advantages: open ring vector control, to achieve high precision and high torque, multiple protection measures. The torque response time is very short, with the torque automatic lifting function at low speed, and the software and hardware filtering processing can effectively improve the system reliability. Greatly reduce the noise interference, avoid electromagnetic interference and other equipment caused by misoperation.

Application of FGI FD100 series frequency inverter in plastic extruder 2

3. Application advantages

After using the FGI FD100 Series frequency inverter, the control accuracy is significantly improved, and the efficiency is also effectively improved.


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