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Application of FGI FD300 series frequency inverter in the steel plate cutting machine



Steel plate shear machine is also called plate shear machine, shear machine, etc. It is the different specifications of the coil steel plate, after winding, winding, weaving, cutting into a variety of length and width size steel plate equipment. The equipment can process all kinds of cold rolled and hot rolled coil plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate and all kinds of metal plate after plating or coating. Widely used in automobile manufacturing, container, home appliances, food, packaging, building materials and other sheet metal processing industry.

Steel plate shear machinery can be roughly divided into transverse and longitudinal cutting. The longitudinal cutting is caused by the process, the control is simple, using the ordinary frequency inverter can realize the driving function. Due to the high requirement of shear accuracy, the servo system is mostly used to complete the control function, but the cost of using the servo system with high power is higher.

FGI FD300 series frequency inverter has been successfully applied in the shear machine, and operates accurately and reliably in the horizontal shear control part of the shear machine, which has won unanimous praise from customers. Below, let's introduce the application case of FGI FD300 frequency inverter engineering vector to replace a daily high-power servo drive.

Application of FGI FD300 series frequency inverter in the steel plate cutting machine 1

2.Implementation plans

The shear machine adopts PLC centralized control, and the man-machine interface displays, and the quantity, length, width specification, shear speed and other parameters can be set according to the user's requirements. The whole set of equipment is mainly composed of loading truck, winding machine, winder, waste winding machine, feeder, large scissors, and finished plate transportation line and other equipment. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with pendulum intermediate bridge, clip device, deviation correction device, etc., is a collection of machine, electricity, liquid, gas in one of the automatic coil processing equipment.


The field equipment control scheme is changed from the original high-power servo system to the FD300 engineering vector frequency inverter + multi-function PG card + asynchronous motor control scheme. The multi-function PG card can simultaneously receive the pulse command issued by the PLC, receive the motor encoder speed feedback pulse signal, and receive the product length detection encoder feedback pulse signal, realizing double closed-loop control.

Application of FGI FD300 series frequency inverter in the steel plate cutting machine 2

3. Application advantages

(1). Cost reduction, simple operation, energy saving and consumption reduction.

The equipment uses FGI FD300 series frequency inverter  system to replace the imported brand servo system, achieving the servo application effect, while reducing the design and maintenance cost of the system, and the operation is simple and convenient, energy saving and consumption reduction.

(2). Fast response speed and high stability speed accuracy.

FD300 series frequency inverter the engineering vector inverter has rich functions and superior performance. The extended PG card realizes double closed-loop control, so that the system response speed is fast, the steady speed accuracy is within 0.1%, the feeding length is very accurate, the length error of the shear plate is completely reached the standard, and the application effect is excellent.

(3). Realize the smooth and fast start and stop, make the system respond quickly, and ensure the synchronous and stable operation of the system.

FD300 series frequency inverter drive motor closed-loop control, the starting torque reaches 180% rated torque, can achieve smooth and fast start and stop, make the system rapid response, and ensure the synchronous and stable operation of the system.

(4). Have the perfect protection function to make the equipment operation safe and reliable.





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