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Application of FGI FD300 frequency inverter on heating


A heating furnace is a device used in the metallurgical industry to heat a material or workpiece (usually metal) to a rolling forging temperature (industrial heating furnace). According to the heating method, it can be divided into two kinds: one is continuous heating furnace, and the other is chamber heating furnace.It is suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, heat, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry and many other fields. Rolling furnace is a kind of steel product, which is widely used in steel industry.In the production process, a specific temperature needs to be controlled. The effective combustion of fuel is realized through the combustion of fuel, and the efficient combustion of fuel is through the control of the air supply flow of hot blast stove.
Application of FGI  FD300 frequency inverter on heating  1
 When the general heating furnace is blowing, the butterfly valve in front of the air inlet is manually adjusted to adjust its air volume and pressure. The motor always maintains full pressure and full power operation, starting and ending through contactor switching.
This working mode leads to the poor energy-saving effect of the whole system, and there are great difficulties in the debugging process, and the failure rate of the equipment is high. The application of frequency conversion technology in this system can effectively solve the above problems. Secondly, FG 300-560 KW frequency inverter is used to speed regulate the blower of a large BF heating furnace.
2.Implementation plans
Main composition: The heating furnace is usually composed of radiation chamber, convection chamber, waste heat recovery system, burner, ventilation system and other five components. It is generally composed of steel structure, pipe, furnace wall (lining), burner and hole. Among them, the ventilation system is mainly used to introduce combustion-supporting gas to the burner and make it discharge from the furnace. There are two ways, one is natural and the other is pressure. The former is aided by the smoke produced by the chimney itself, while the latter is aided by the fan.
The basic principle is: by burning in the furnace, the high temperature flame and flue gas generated as a heat source, the flow medium is heated to the required process temperature. The fuel burned in the burner will generate a high temperature flame and a high temperature smoke. The high temperature flame radiates heat to the pipe in the radiation chamber and transmits it to the medium in the pipe.
High temperature flue gas is under the suction of the chimney or the action of the fan, through convection heat transfer, heat transfer to the convection chamber, and then heat transfer to the convection chamber, and then to the heat transfer medium.
560 KW fan, using FGI FD300 frequency inverter speed regulation, 560 KW frequency inverter to control the fan, make it burn, and feed it into the burner, and transmit it to the burner, so that it can reach the burning rate. The inverter uses a remote control panel to control it, adjust the set speed, so that the speed of the motor changes, to achieve the adjustment of wind pressure and air volume. The site is equipped with 315 KW fan and FG300315 KW frequency inverter speed regulating device.
Application of FGI  FD300 frequency inverter on heating  2
3.Application advantages
The application of FGI FD300 frequency inverter speed regulating device in the ventilation system of heating furnace can obviously save energy, reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs.
FGI FD300 frequency inverter speed regulation system has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision, simple adjustment, etc. It can adjust the wind pressure and air volume according to the production requirements, thus reducing the labor intensity of workers, improving the quality of products, and increasing the output of products.
FGI FD300 series frequency inverter speed regulating device has perfect over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overload protection and other protection measures, to ensure the stability and reliability of the whole system, has been trusted by the majority of users.

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