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Application of FGI FD5000 series high-voltage frequency converter in the boiler fan



Application of FGI FD5000 series  high-voltage frequency converter in the boiler fan 1

In the boiler system, the stable operation of the fan and the efficient energy utilization are crucial to the whole industrial process. This paper will focus on the successful cases of FGI FD5000 series high voltage inverter in the application of boiler fan, and discuss its excellent performance in improving energy efficiency and ensuring system stability.Fan load is widely used, such as blowers, induced draft fans, central air conditioning blower groups, fresh air units, cooling tower fans, exhaust fans on various production sites, fans on dryer production lines, etc. Fan is the main power equipment of industrial and mining enterprises. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the installed capacity of fan and pump motor in China is about 35,000 MW, and the power consumption accounts for about 40% of the national power consumption.

An industrial boiler system is faced with the problems of low operating efficiency, poor system stability and energy waste. To address these challenges, they chose to introduce the FGI FD5000 series high voltage frequency inverter in the hope of improving system efficiency, ensuring the stable operation of boiler fans and reducing maintenance costs. In the application of FD5000 series frequency converter in the operation of the fan, the power saving rate can generally be 20% -60%, the investment payback period is 1-3 years, not only the power saving effect is significant, but also can meet the requirements of the production process, ensure the quality of products, and the economic benefit is very significant.

2. Implementation plans

Application of FGI FD5000 series  high-voltage frequency converter in the boiler fan 2

In this boiler, there are four motors using FD5000 series high frequency converter, respectively to control steam, hot oil, hot flue gas. The hot flue gas is controlled by two 315KW motors and sent to the main fan through the pipeline for drying the wood pulp. Two 315KW FD5000 series high frequency converters respectively control the two fans. By adjusting the output frequency of FD5000 series high frequency converters, the output power of the fan is controlled to realize the precise regulation of the hot smoke flow, which not only meets the requirements of the process, but also is more energy saving than adjusting the hot smoke flow with the windshield. The other two 132KW motors respectively feed the steam from the steam generator and the hot oil from the hot oil generator into the mixing chamber. The adjustment of the steam output in the steam generator can control the pressure and temperature in the steam generator, and the adjustment of the hot oil output in the thermal oil generator can control the temperature of the thermal oil generator. FD5000 series high frequency converters also controls the output power of the motor to adjust the steam output and the output of the hot oil, to control the pressure and temperature of the steam generator and the temperature of the hot oil generator.

3.Application advantage

(1)Energy efficiency improvement

After the adoption of FD5000 series high frequency converters, the energy efficiency of the boiler fan system has been significantly improved, reducing energy consumption and reducing operating costs.

(2)Stable operation of the system

FD5000 series high frequency converters, through vector control technology, ensures the stable operation of the fan system under different load conditions, and reduces the risk of system oscillation and failure.

3Intelligent energy consumption management

The introduction of intelligent energy consumption management system realizes the real-time monitoring and management of the energy consumption of the fan system, and improves the intelligence of energy utilization.

(4)Reduce maintenance costs

With the comprehensive protection and diagnostic features, the failure rate of the fan system is reduced and the cost of maintenance and repair.

The success of FGI FD5000 series high voltage inverter in the application of boiler fans fully demonstrates its excellent performance in improving the energy efficiency, stable operation and in the reduction of operating costs of the fan system. Through the use of this series of frequency converters, the enterprise not only improves the production efficiency, but also makes a positive contribution to the sustainable development and energy conservation and emission reduction.

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