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FGI explosion-proof products won the industry benchmark project


Recently, FGI successfully won the bid for the domestic large coal mining group's 10kV high voltage explosion-proof frequency inverter project, and won the ten-million-level contract, representing FGI high voltage explosion-proof frequency inverter to establish industry benchmark performance, lead the development of the industry, and open a new chapter in the application of high voltage explosion-proof frequency inverter.

FGI explosion-proof products won the industry benchmark project 1

In this project, the high voltage explosion-proof frequency inverter of FGI will be used to drive the belt conveyor in the coal mine. The explosion-proof frequency inverter adopts the control mode of one master and three slaves to achieve permanent magnet direct drive and power balance. After the project is put into operation, it will also become the highest power application case in the 10kV explosion-proof frequency inverter industry. Therefore, this project marks the development trend of coal mine electromechanical to high pressure, high power, long distance, permanent magnet direct drive, and proves that new landscape grasps the market trend and demand, and continues to provide customers with high-quality solutions and services.

FGI explosion-proof products won the industry benchmark project 2

Since its listing,FGI high voltage explosion-proof frequency inverter has always maintained continuous innovation and industry leadership, its main features are:

The voltage level covers 3.3kV 6kV 10kV, and the power range is 525-2200kW0.

The product structure design breaks through the technological boundary and has the smallest volume in the industry.

Power unit cascade and carrier phase shift technology, perfect harmonics free, long distance drive.

Integration of a variety of control technology, asynchronous motor, synchronous motor drive control more freely.

Multiple motor tuning functions, more accurate motor parameters.

Voltage and current double closed loop technology, torque is more stable.

With monitoring, early warning, positioning and other functions, more comprehensive protection.

Unit bypass, insulation detection and other functions, safe operation more reliable.

Excellent master-slave control technology, multi-drive motor power balance .

Unit modular design, more convenient installation and maintenance.

The first in China! The FGI 3300V long distance power supply comprehensive treatment device has obtained the safety mark certificate and explosion-proof certificate of mining products
FGI testing center successfully passed CNAS supervision and review
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