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FGI testing center successfully passed CNAS supervision and review


Recently, the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) conducted on-site supervision and review of the testing center laboratory of FGI Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

FGI testing center successfully passed CNAS supervision and review 1

CNAS review team experts came to FGI to guide the work, carried out a detailed understanding of the operation of FGI testing center, conducted on-site review of the management system and technical capabilities of the testing center by consulting records, field tests and on-site questions, and arranged field tests for various professional projects. After a rigorous and careful review, the experts of the review team believe that the FGI testing center has reached the national recognition standards in the testing environment, management level and technical ability, and highly appraise the effectiveness of the laboratory system operation and the technical level of personnel.

FGI testing center successfully passed CNAS supervision and review 2

The passing of the CNAS annual audit marks that FGI can continue to issue a test report stamped with the "CNAS" seal and the international mutual recognition mark within the scope of recognition, and the test data results in the report will be recognized by international mutual recognition institutions in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

FGI testing center successfully passed CNAS supervision and review 3

Through the CNAS supervision and review, it will promote the quality of the company's products, improve the company's product research and development level, and enhance the recognition of the company's products by customers and the market, which will further enhance the company's industry status and core competitiveness. In the next step, the laboratory will continue to implement the future vision of "building a core competitive energy saving and new energy equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprise", further strengthen the capacity building of the test platform, and provide strong support for the company's scientific and technological research conditions and innovation ability.


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