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High-quality development opportunities under the new quality productivity


In today's profound transformation of the global economic pattern, new quality productivity is like a spring breeze, quietly leading Chinese enterprises into a new era full of opportunities. It is not only a wave of technological innovation and intelligent transformation, but also a mysterious key to open the door to high-quality development.

High-quality development opportunities under the new quality productivity 1

In recent years, the new energy industry represented by wind power photovoltaic has achieved vigorous development relying on technology and equipment innovation, which is changing the traditional development mode of relying on fossil energy resources, and injecting strong new momentum for promoting clean and low-carbon energy transformation, green economic and social development and coping with climate change.

The promotion of new quality productivity has promoted the development of new energy industry and provided broad market space and growth opportunities for FGI. FGI will base on strategic emerging industries and future industries, grasp the new momentum of economic development, actively develop energy conservation and new energy equipment R & D and manufacturing industries, achieve high-quality energy development, and actively promote the formation of new quality productivity of enterprises.

High-quality development opportunities under the new quality productivity 2

Standing at the intersection of tradition and modernization, the potential released by new quality productivity Outlines a future blueprint full of challenges and hopes for enterprises. New quality productivity will be revitalized through new industries and future industries, and become the core engine to stimulate FGI's innovation, enhance core competitiveness, and move towards sustainable development.

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