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Ubiquitous service, and high-quality development "two-way"


Whether in the desert Gobi in the northwest, the ice and snow in the northeast, the oxygen-thin plateau, the uninhabited mountain area, or in the exotic land miles apart, where there are new scenery products, there are new scenery people.  New scenery provides customers with not only specific products, but also a fast and comprehensive service system to ensure customer needs.

Ubiquitous service, and high-quality development two-way 1

FGI has set up 5 major service centers and 21 offices across the country to achieve a 2-hour response, 24 hours to the scene, and a service radius of less than 200 kilometers.  At the same time, a remote data monitoring center is built to grasp the operating status of the equipment in real time, remind the equipment maintenance in time, and predict the occurrence of faults.  New scenery after-sales service engineers are skilled and experienced, and have enough patience and responsibility for customer needs.  Customers can call new Scenery customer service hotline at any time to get timely answers and guidance.  For the needs of the site, the service engineers of New scenery can also respond quickly, overcome various difficulties to arrive at the scene, and solve customer problems from a professional perspective.

Ubiquitous service, and high-quality development two-way 2

Ubiquitous service, and high-quality development two-way 3

In the long-term practice, FGI has formed a unique "pre-sale - sale - after-sales" full life cycle product service, in the pre-sale for customers to diagnose the electricity situation free of charge, provide power saving technical support and power management consulting;  In the sale of customized solutions for customers, and constantly improve to meet customer needs;  In the after-sales product quality search and tracking, at any time to solve the problem that may occur in the operation process.  In addition, FGI continues to strengthen the technical support team, and regularly conducts team training for practical problems frequently encountered by customers to ensure the quality of service.  At the same time, FGI also regularly carries out training activities for customers, customers can visit the new scenery factory at any time, learn equipment maintenance and use methods, extend the service cycle of equipment.

High-quality development opportunities under the new quality productivity
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