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Demonstrate the new achievements of "explosion-proof electricity", and FGI helps the construction of smart mines


On May 10, FGI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 2024 National Coal Mining Face Intelligent Innovation Competition kick-off meeting and intelligent coal face Construction Forum.

Demonstrate the new achievements of explosion-proof electricity, and FGI helps the construction of smart mines 1

The solution of FGI long distance power supply system includes a comprehensive power grid adjustment device, reactive power compensation device and frequency conversion device for the terminal equipment of the mining face, which is used to solve the problems of low end voltage, low power factor, difficulty in starting large load equipment and serious harmonic pollution in the low voltage distribution line of the fully-mechanized mining face and the driving face. At the same time, the large-capacity reactive power compensation device is configured in the substation to improve the voltage stability of the system, reduce the loss of lines and transformers, eliminate harmonic pollution, and extend the service life of power supply equipment and transmission cables.

Demonstrate the new achievements of explosion-proof electricity, and FGI helps the construction of smart mines 2

At the meeting, our company focused on the independent research and development of long-distance power supply comprehensive treatment device, including 1140V, 3300V two products, through reactive power compensation and active current compensation scheme, improve the power factor of underground power supply, reduce cable loss, solve the problem of low voltage of long-distance end motor, stabilize the power grid voltage theory, When the equipment is started, the voltage can be compensated to 97% of the rated grid voltage, and the grid voltage value can be compensated to 99% of the rated grid voltage during full load operation. Realize long distance power supply application of 3000-5000 meters of working face.

Energy event, about the warm city ,FGI appeared in the 18th Ordos International Coal Fair
Leading the energy revolution and creating a green future, FGI-SVG and energy storage products Promotion Conference was successfully held
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