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Explore the source of power behind the new quality productivity, and see how the new scenery breaks the game


 With the holding of the National Energy Conference in 2024, new energy power generation has entered an era of rapid development, and the construction of new energy grids has accelerated, and the demand for energy storage equipment has become more and more urgent. New scenery will seize the new development opportunity of "SVG+ energy storage" and occupy an important position in the field of new energy.

At present, Shandong Province has introduced a series of policies for the development of the new energy industry, drawing a grand blueprint for the industry. In this huge tide of equipment upgrading, the FGI with more than 30 years of scientific and technological innovation experience, how to adapt to the production needs of the new era and lead the new energy industry to ride the wind and waves?

Explore the source of power behind the new quality productivity, and see how the new scenery breaks the game 1

Since 2024, FGI has been accelerating the upgrading of equipment to meet the needs of new energy, and the company has invested more than 30 million yuan and purchased more than 100 new advanced equipment, including production lines, to double the production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

In 2024, more than 30 million yuan will be invested to build seven automated production lines, one set of intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, and more than 100 advanced equipment, which will increase production efficiency by 50% and reduce energy consumption by 70%. The completion of the new production line makes the annual production capacity of PCS reach 5000 sets, and the output value of a single product exceeds 800 million yuan.

Explore the source of power behind the new quality productivity, and see how the new scenery breaks the game 2

Technology leadership is the core competence of the company. Based on independent research and development, FGI constantly innovates and expands applications, and is committed to providing comprehensive equipment upgrade solutions for the new energy industry.

FGI Corporation is one of the largest companies in the world with more than 28,000 advanced equipment and equipment. FGI has the world's advanced level, which can quickly, stably, continuously and efficiently guarantee the key power load in the case of mine power failure, improve the level of mine emergency power supply and disaster prevention capability.

From high-end equipment such as motor transmission, power quality control, mine explosion prevention, rail transit to intelligent energy storage equipment, FGI company takes "five power" as the core to meet users' needs for equipment upgrading in an all-round way. Its excellent quality makes it stand out in the market.

FGI "less electricity, good use of electricity, explosion-proof electricity, renewable electricity, power storage" five categories of products, respectively, corresponding to the motor transmission and energy-saving control, power quality management, coal mine explosion-proof and intelligent control equipment, rail transit high-end equipment energy, intelligent energy storage equipment and other five business segments, as well as "five electricity" products, excellent performance in various occasions.

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