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FGI presents at Malaysia Energy & Solar PV Exhibition


The Energy and Solar PV Malaysia 2024 Exhibition (ENERtec Asia 2024) was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a leading enterprise in the field of new energy, FGI made a wonderful appearance at this exhibition, showing the latest scientific and technological innovation achievements.
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FGI presents at Malaysia Energy & Solar PV Exhibition 1FGI presents at Malaysia Energy & Solar PV Exhibition 2

ENERtec Asia 2024 is organized around three areas: TENAGA (Renewable Energy and Clean technology), REVAC (Energy Efficiency and decarbonization) and BATTERY & EV TECH (battery, electric vehicle technology and solutions). Bring together the world's top companies and experts in the field of energy to present the latest technologies, exchange industry trends, and expand international cooperation.

FGI presents at Malaysia Energy & Solar PV Exhibition 3

As a leading enterprise in domestic power electronics technology, FGI was invited to participate in the exhibition and brought a number of high-performance products to the audience. At the exhibition site, New scenery's technical capabilities, program strength and industry experience attracted a large number of customers in Southeast Asia, India and other regions to watch and consult, laying the foundation for the next step of cooperation.

FGI presents at Malaysia Energy & Solar PV Exhibition 4

The G74 series inverter products developed by FGI have attracted the attention of Malaysian customers. Based on the two-quadrant synchronous (including permanent magnet synchronous motor)/ asynchronous motor platform design, the whole machine is integrated with control cabinet, power cabinet, transformer cabinet and switching cabinet, which is easy to install on site. G74 series inverter has the characteristics of small volume, space saving, complete transport, suitable for overseas users.
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This exhibition not only provides an international platform for FGI to show the strength of the enterprise, but also builds an important bridge for the communication and exchange between FGI and global partners.

Import substitution is seamless, and FGI continues to promote the localization of core transmission equipment in the steel industry
FGI won the 2024 Manufacturing championship
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